Projects and Initiatives

Members of the BSLISE Working Group Communications subgroup have been involved in several outreach projects designed to illustrate the experiences and perspectives of LIS professionals, educators, and students in the global context.

Student Spotlight Social Media Campaign

The Student Spotlight social media campaign was started in Summer 2020 by former intern Amanda Thompson. This project features LIS students from around the world, of whom we ask questions about:

  • What level of study and what type of degree they will receive
  • Why they chose Library and Information Science
  • What interests them most about LIS
  • How they feel about their educational experience
  • What type of library career interests them most

The Student Spotlight project was recently featured in both the IFLA SET Bulletin for July 2020 and in the IFLA News and Events column.

The BSLISE Working Group has several regional representatives with whom we communicate to reach students who are interested in participating in the project. Here are some of the students we’ve featured on our profiles on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram:

BSLISE YouTube Channel Development

Video content for the BSLISE YouTube channel has been developed. The channel features interviews with current LIS professionals and educators on topics such as the context of libraries in their countries, their library experience, their LIS education experience, and a discussion of what skills gained from their studies have been most helpful, and what skills they think are important for current LIS students to develop.

To see the latest videos, check out our YouTube channel called: BSLISE Working Group, IFLA.

Student Library Voices: Peer to Peer

In the year of 2021, Albina Krymskya and her student, Alena Katina, both of the St. Petersburg University of Culture in Russia, with  BSLISE Intern Alice Herring, a student of LIS at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in the USA, introduced an initiative within BSLISE called Student Library Voices: Peer to Peer. This initiative develops a global student network of LIS students where they can meet each other, learn about each other’s programs, and share their perspectives.

Students are the future of LIS, and this initiative will give them the opportunity to shape their thoughts and opinions about the growth of this ever developing field. The development of this initiative has been opened to the members of the BSLISE Working Group.

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