Survey: Professional Entry Requirements

The IFLA Building Strong Library and Information Science Education (BSLISE) Working Group is conducting an international study to learn the differing qualification requirements (education, certification, individual credentialing system) for library and information “professional” practice in order to develop a better understanding of the equivalence of credentials and the role of LIS education. The LIS community worldwide was invited to participate in the online survey (click here) in Spring/Summer 2017 to provide information regarding professional qualification and certification in their country. We thank the participants who contributed to this important research.

The online survey was available in six languages (see the translations page for Arabic and Chinese versions of the survey): Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

IFLA Strategic Action and Funding: This survey carries out “Goal 3:  Quality Assessment of LIS Education and Training (IFLA Strategic Directions 2 and 4)” of the 2016-17 IFLA Section on Education and Training Action Plan. The IFLA Professional Committee approved 2017 IFLA Project Funds to finance some of the work on this project.

Online Survey Administration: Primož Južnič, University of Ljubljana

Survey Translations:
Arabic language translation, Saif Al-Jabri, Sultan Qaboos University
Chinese language translation: Lai Wei, Northeast Normal University
French language translation: Michelle De Agostini, University of Alberta
Russian language translation: Keren Dali, University of Alberta
Spanish language translation: Felipe Martinez, National Autonomous University of Mexico and Ana Maria Talavera, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

Student Research Assistance:
Tilen Heco, University of Ljubljana
Laina Kelly, University of Alberta

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